Translation workflow automation

Imagine how advanced solutions that limit the need for human interaction and integrate with business-critical information systems could reduce your time to market and translation costs.

This is exactly what ALS highly automated internal translation workflow accomplishes. Not only have we automated and optimized every step of our internal translation process, we also allow external access to key services and technological solutions through our Translation API.

Intensive technological progress nowadays is quickly changing the way translation is done. To provide the highest quality at the most competitive price we take every opportunity to improve our translation process and make it more effective:

  • we automate the daily routines of our translators, editors and project managers increasing their productivity and reducing the human factor impact;
  • we make the best use of classical linguistic technologies such as Translation Memory and Terminology Management;
  • we adopt modern linguistic technologies such as controlled language and post-editing of machine translation to improve quality and increase productivity;
  • we automate our LQA task execution to ensure that every piece of translation is done to the highest possible quality standards.

Your expectations and demands as a customer are also evolving with the spread of technology and acceleration of information exchange; as our customer you will enjoy the advantages of:

  • full integration of our translation process with your content management and workflow systems
  • real-time notifications of completed translation
  • online monitoring of order status and payments, and
  • automatic reporting of completed orders


  • streamlined, cost-effective translation process with fewer human errors
  • seamless integration with external content management systems and workflows
  • ability to automatically initiate and manage translation tasks and complex projects
  • cutting-edge language technologies available in the cloud, and
  • open architecture and the ability to deliver highly customized solutions

Connected products:

  • Translation Management System (TMS)
  • Translation cloud
  • Translation API