Translation Memory Technology

A simple way to access your translation history for use in the future.

Ensure consistent use of terminology, improve translation quality and save money by integrating your translation history with current projects; save 70% for recurring text and 30% for partial matches.

Key Benefits

  • Saves money by reusing previously translated terms, phrases and even entire paragraphs.
  • Spaces, numbers and special characters are excluded from the word-based cost calculation.
  • Reduces translation time, so your projects are done faster.
  • Ensures consistent use of terminology across all projects.

We build your Translation Memory database at the beginning by using your own available translations, so previous work is not wasted.

We use ALS Aligner, our proprietary software product, to index both the original and translated text of your documents, whether digital or hard copy.

Aligner is so efficient that we can build and streamline your Translation Memory databases for free based on previous high-quality translations.

You will enjoy savings of 15-30% on your very first project as billing automatically discounts for recurring segments and full and partial matches in your newly created Translation Memory database. Best of all, the savings increase as the database grows with every new project.

Underlying Technology

We build and use your Translation Memory with the latest server solution from SDL Trados. SDL TM Server 2009 is a multilingual system that allows the translation team to share large numbers of documents in various formats using LAN or Internet access. It is a scalable solution that is easily adapted for a growing number of users.

Maximizing Savings

Your Translation Memory achieves substantial cost-savings as recurring terms, phrases and texts are billed with discounts up to 70%. The savings are especially obvious when translating standard documents, such as agreements, reports, certificates, specifications, manuals and other technical documentation. New translations and corrections are speedily incorporated into your Translation Memory to ensure maximum savings for you.

Translation Memory keeps you from paying for the same translation over and over again.