TAUS Translation Automation Roundtable in Moscow

ALS has proudly hosted the inaugural TAUS Roundtable in Moscow with fantastic speakers from Google, Yandex, Asia Online, and other companies. The leading translation automation experts and professionals, translators, language service providers and customers, as well as technical writers came to participate this event. Thank you all for your excellent work and contribution!
For those who could not make it to the Roundtable on 22d, May, we have summarized the main ideas and discussion points here.

Highlights of Translation Automation Roundtable 2014

Jaap van der Meer
Planning for an Uncertain Future

«Enterprise Language Strategy: Perfections of 2014. Industry Insight»

Jean-Luc Saillard
Translation Automation Going Cloud: The New Landscape for Professional Translators

Maxim Lobanov
Readability: Cornerstone of Google’s L10N Quality Evaluation System

«Enterprise Language Strategy: The Practice of MT»

Farkhat Aminov
MT at Yandex: Overview and Ways We Use it in Localization

Indra Samite
Is MT ready for e-Government? The Latvian Story

«Enterprise Language Strategy: The Practice of MT»

Logrus International
Renat Bikmatov
CAT or TMS Implementation: Calculation of the Number of Licenses and the Total Cost of Ownership

«The Practice of MT»

Anton Voronov
Machine Translation in Professional Translation Process: Continuous Customization and Measured Productivity

Julia Epiphanseva
The Practice of MT at ProMT

Asia Online
Dion Wiggins
User Empowered Machine Translation

Jaap van der Meer
Together We Know More

Roundtables are held on a regular basis all over the world (in the U.S., France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere) and are attended by translation industry leaders. The roundtable in Russia was arranged in partnership with ALS, a TAUS member and provider of translation automation solutions.

The TAUS mission is to increase the size and significance of the global translation industry through standardization and exchange of ideas. During meetings and events, TAUS members discuss various issues related to translation automation such as machine translation (MT) practices, innovations in the language business, MT quality assurance, translation resources, and other challenges faced by the global industry as well as share their experience and elaborate common strategies and standards.

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