Solutions for Translation Automation

Localization and translation workflows have changed a lot in the last years. Successfully managing translation and localization projects means coping with huge amounts of content to translate as your business goes global and enters more international markets. At the same time, it is a constant effort to observe budget and schedule limitations while preserving quality.

It is more important than ever to use advanced translation technologies and solutions:

Real-time translation of any multilingual document, including scanned files and PDFs, with minimum operational overhead.


One complete solution that combines all the technological tools used by professional translators in a single cloud environment. ALS is worldwide distributor that provides the service in both server and cloud versions.

Machine translation with post-editing

High volume capability and industry/company-specific solutions that result in 30-50% less money and 50-70% less time required for your projects.

Crowd-sourced translation technologies

Single complete solution to organise the efficient collaborative translation performed by many people in different parts of the world. Automated translation tools used by professionals become available to a wider community in an environment, which prompts people to rejoin projects again and again.

Translation as a part of corporate infrastructure

Advanced solutions to reduce time to market and translation costs by limiting human interaction and allowing for integration with business-critical information systems.