Translation of technical documentation

Technical documentation requires accuracy
in terminology translation

— Compliance with the sector's accepted standards in each particular country.

In order to satisfy these demands, translators and editors must have actual experience translating scientific and technical documentation in the specific field.

Our competent project managers select translators and editors with extensive, relevant written translation experience and structure the workflow for your project. Project managers also have the authority to reach out to specialized translation consultants with expertise in the specialized fields.

This flexibility allows us to accurately translate technical documents into more than 80 languages.

Peculiarities of technical text translation

No matter which translation level is chosen we always

  • work out translation requirements with the client;
  • build the appropriate team that can deliver the best results on time for the chosen translation level;
  • compile a glossary that ensures uniform use of your corporate terminology; and
  • perform quality control at each stage of formal and business translations.

Quality + Economy = Translation Memory

We have been using Translation Memory technology to benefit our clients for many years.

It is no secret that technical documentation often has large numbers of repeated terms, phrases, entire passages and repetition in translations should be less expensive.

In addition, long-term clients often enjoy discounts as their terminology database grows.

Based on our experience, modern technology can reduce the cost of large project translations as much as 50% in comparison with the conventional methods. The result is translation uniformity and cost-effectiveness for our clients and higher efficiency for ourselves.

Areas of translation expertise:

  • automobile production;
  • construction materials;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • telecommunications;
  • oil and gas equipment;
  • aviation;
  • medicine and medical equipment.