Oil and gas

For oil and gas companies, translation is a labor-intensive
process that requires high expertise.

In order to produce competent and accurate translations, the translator must be acquainted with oil and gas technologies in addition to a normal linguistic education.

Our extensive client list includes major companies, such as Yokogawa, Cameron, UOP, Gazprom, and many others.

For example, we provided both the written and oral translation during the construction of Nord Stream pipeline (Nord Stream AG), the longest marine gas pipeline in the world. It involved translating more than 15,000 pages of documentation and 3000 man-hours of interpreting during five years of construction.

Our translators have extensive experience working with many of the largest oil and gas companies.

Competence topics include

  • exploration and production, including geological examinations and seismic tests, logging;
  • project profitability analysis and preparation of feasibility reports;
  • all aspects of environmental protection;
  • hazard factors analysis and measures of labor protection, safety measures and environmental protection;
  • all aspects of field developments;
  • all aspects of supply, construction, provision of construction camps and drilling works;
  • technology of oil extraction and gas production, including advanced well recovery technology and stimulation and well work-over operation;
  • sea and land facilities, platforms and barges, floating production supply vessels;
  • questions concerning pipeline construction, pipeline transferring, commercial accounting;
  • petroleum products transportation by land and sea;
  • processes and instruments for oil and gas processing;
  • construction and operation of oil processing plants;
  • construction and maintenance of oil and gas storage facilities;
  • expert systems in analytical chemistry;
  • production of the full range of petroleum products; distillation technologies and thermal decomposition; applying catalysts; production of diesel fuel with the lowest sulfur content;
  • finished goods transportation.

Moreover, we have experience translating the accompanying financial and legal documents, training courses, presentations, marketing materials and industry regulatory documents.

Our unique project management together with the use of modern solutions means we can handle the translation of large volumes of complex technical documents in the shortest time possible on a turnkey basis.

We employ native speakers, because we believe they can best interpret the text in a way that corresponds to the norms and standards of their native language.

Once the initial translation is done it is checked by an editor with the relevant experience and then receives a final review by a proofreader.

Because translations of large documents often require layout and prepress preparation we utililze the skills of our layout and printing division and add additional proofing to avoid any errors from the layout corrections.