Medical translation

Translation of medical documents and texts has always
been a touchy subject primarily because those within
the profession are concerned of a third party's
ability to correctly render the material.

Over the last few years we have proved that third parties are quite capable; we proved this by effectively completing a significant number of large projects, including medical equipment certification, introducing medical solutions and technologies to foreign markets, and accurately translating dozens of patents, scientific medical studies and papers.

We accomplish this by combining the right people with proprietary technology, to produce stellar results for you.

A typical medical translation team is comprised of a professional translator specializing in medical literature translations and a medical specialist as a scientific editor. Working in tandem they provide an exceptionally nuanced work, which guarantees an accurate translation. Once the translation is done the text is polished by a proofreader and a copy editor as required.

Our people take great pride in our ability to perform this difficult and demanding work and enjoy the challenge it involves.