The fast pace and precise language of legal proceedings require that translation services be speedy and fully coherent—and ALS delivers that. Our streamlined processes provide you with quick access to the exact service you need. We make translation and editing services available with just a click.

Translation Options Tailored to Your Needs

Edited Machine Translation 

This service is ideal for quick translation of large volumes of text, enabling an initial understanding of content. We use software to produce a rough translation of your documents,  converting scans, images and PDFs into translatable text if necessary. Experienced editors and revisers review the translation for accuracy and coherency.

Business Translation

A two-step process using the skills of experienced translators and revisers. This service is perfect for dealing with working documents, correspondence and medium volumes of text for in-house use.

Top-quality Translation

Delivering the highest standards of accuracy and coherency, this service follows a three-step approach to ensure the precise translation of any subject matter. A professional translator with experience in the relevant field first translates the text. It then goes to a specialized editor with expertise in the subject and is finally checked by a reviser. To ensure the precision necessary to accurately reflect both the meaning and style of a document, every phase is performed only by native-speakers.

Key Benefits

  • Confidentiality 
  • Rapid turnaround 
  • Automatic quality checks
  • Accurate terminology
  • Re-use of previous translations for cost-effectiveness

The ALS teams of experienced translators and revisers use our advanced translation system (SmartCAT)This enables consistent management of terminology across all documents, provides transparency in terms of process, ensures high productivity and means you will never be charged twice for similar or identical text segments.