Information technology

Translating and localizing IT materials is one of our
key competences.

Our extensive experience includes translating and adapting:

  • user software and hardware manuals;
  • design manuals;
  • marketing materials; and
  • software localization requirement specifications.

Rapid change is a hallmark of IT and other IT-related technologies. Not only does terminology change, but new words and phrases are continually coined to address newly created concepts, products and services.

Our unified approach to translation and localization in IT and other specialized IT technology assures accuracy.

  • Our scientific editors are required to know both the target language and the language of origin.
  • Scientific editors have long-term experience in IT and IT-related fields editing specialized periodicals, technical literature and working in companies dealing with design and implementation of information systems, off-the-shelf software and other specialized uses of IT technology.
  • Our translators work in IT and related fields and have access to scientific editors for especially difficult projects. Additionally, we use the best available technology and proprietary software to facilitate an intensive exchange of knowledge between editors and translators.
  • The immediate creation of Translation Memory and a corporate glossary based on client texts ensures faster and more professional localized translations, while the specialized software enhances the effective management of these resources.
  • We utilize an in-house data control system with common storage and web access to all reference materials and project requirements, such as
    • required information sources;
    • operation manuals;
    • project management requirements.
  • For large projects we use a separate in-house forum with special sections for different subject areas and additional sections for discussion by groups of translators and editors.