Translation for the energy industry is a multi-faceted and
challenging process.

— In addition to accurate translation of terminology and technical data, it also
involves working with legal documents and specialist software.

Our company works with major energy players.

Every new project requires a comprehensive approach.We bring together hundreds of translators, editors, proofreaders, and layout designers who have extensive experience in working with energy documents. In-depth knowledge of the energy industry, automated control systems, and information technology is crucial for getting the job right – and that is why we employ professionals who have a higher technical education.

All translations are done to a high standard of quality and to a tight schedule.

Our translators have extensive experience in working with:

  • documentation for construction and operation of gas turbine power plants
  • installation and operation manuals and instructions
  • safety data sheets for production facilities
  • turbine plant drawings and diagrams
  • on-site quality control reports
  • documentation for electrical equipment and instrumentation
  • instructions for automated control systems (ACS)

We use Translation Memory technology to ensure consistent terminology in all project translations. Translation memory also cuts translation costs: repeated text is translated only once.

This is how we provide our clients with high-quality and time-sensitive translations. Our translators are committed to completing their work in the most accurate and thorough way possible.