Key advantages:

  • Comprehensive approach for the preparation of translated documents
  • Quality translation of difficult large projects in less time
  • Translation by native speakers
  • Creation and support of a corporate dictionary
  • Creation and support of corporate memory data bases (Translation Memory)

Leadership in technologies:

  • Online monitoring of order status, payments, etc.
  • Automatic reports of completed orders
  • SMS-notification for completed translation
  • "Express-translation" technology for urgent translation of simple texts

Text translation processing technique

We offer three types of text translation depending on your needs:

  • Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP)
  • Translation-Proofreading (TP)
  • Translation

The purpose of the document determines

  • the type of written translation and
  • the required quality and deadline.

Three types of written translation:

1. Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP)

TEP is our highest quality translation with a three-step approach.

  • Text is translated by a professional translator with experience in the field; then
  • it is edited by a scientific editor with specific expertise; and, finally
  • checked by a proofreader.

We use native speakers, since only a native speaker can produce the nuanced wording that presents ideas using phrasing that is in full complicance with the rules and standards of their native language.

We maintain an in-house Design and Print Department, because translated documents often require design corrections, prepress and printing. A final proofreading is done to ensure that the completed document is free of errors that could appear in the course of desktop publishing.

2. Translation-Proofreading (TP)

TP uses a two stage approach that omits the editor. It costs 25-30% less than TEP and is a good choice for draft, internal or personal documents.

3. Translation

Translation is our fast 24/7 online translation service and is the best choice for simple small texts. Translations are completed as promptly as possible, normally within 24 hours after the order is placed and paid.

A partial list of our industry focus:

  • Technical Documentation;
  • Motor Vehicle Industry;
  • Aircraft Construction;
  • Oil, Gas & Energy;
  • IT;
  • Financial & legal documents;
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals;
  • Health & Beauty.