Computer and mobile game localization

Localization of computer and mobile games is the translation
and adaptation of content into the language of company’s
output market, with regard to cultural and legal standards
of the target audience.

Over 10 years, ALS has been engaged in the localization of games of various genres and formats: browser-based and local games, games for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Our portfolio includes more than 20 completed projects for the largest game developing companies, such as Innova Systems, Nival, Alawar and others.

Our game-localization capabilities are almost unlimited: over 80 languages and hundreds of translators, proofreaders and editors who are not only native speakers, but are also professionals in the development of computer games.

We do not simply translate the game — we adapt its script, characters and visual elements to the mentality features of the gamers in each country. The localization process for us is first of all building trust and long-term relationships with the customer starting from receipt of the order to project release in the market. Attention to details at every stage of the process, whether it is translation, script adaptation, voice, game or functional testing, allows us to achieve high quality localization in the shortest possible time limits and at the best price.

We know it is impossible to achieve an ideal result without checking the game by native-speaking gamers in order to rule out any inaccuracies in the graphics, text, video and audio materials. Therefore, a mandatory part of our localization process is game testing and functional testing of the finished project version.

Regularly updated game content is now the industry standard. With this knowledge, we provide a full range of language support after the launch of games, including updates, upgrades, add-ons, and marketing materials.

Как построен процесс локализации?

Analysis of materials
Our specialists will help to identify at an early stage of the project the realities in the text that need to be adapted for the new target audience, including symbols, currency name, geographical names, proper names, national holidays and even the characters names.

Translation of the game texts
Performed only by native speakers who live in the country of the target audience and specialize in computer games.

Redrawing textures and graphics
The improvement or complete alternation of the game’s visual elements, when they do not comply with the rules of the country or are deemed undesirable for the target audience.

Dubbing and voice-over of clips
It includes translation and adaptation of the text of clips and selection of professional actors and speakers for audio tracks that will exactly match the personalities of characters and harmoniously integrate into the game

Testing of the localized version of the game
An important stage of preparation of the game for release, in which the deficiencies in the text, graphics and audio materials are identified and corrected.

Additional services
We are ready to accompany your project after the release (translation of updates, news), as well as localize related materials: news, press releases, and marketing texts.

We offer a wide range of services for game localization from which to choose:

  • localization analysis and planning early in the development stage;
  • identification of localization objects;
  • translation of texts;
  • look and feel and graphics redesign;
  • selection of actors and announcers;
  • dubbing and voice-over translation;
  • localized version testing;
  • project website and printing localization;
  • translation of news, press releases, marketing materials, etc.;
  • post-release project support (updates, patches, news, etc.).