Security and confidentiality

Why choose ALS? Because we provide the finest translation and localization services available, world-class 24/7 customer service and cutting edge technology.

What more could you want?

Security. The knowledge that we understand the importance of keeping your sensitive communications, trade secrets, IP, contracts and legal documents, financial information, etc., safe and secure and run our business accordingly.

Background checks

Our in-house security service vets all our employees and contractors. In addition, we do in-depth background checks on those chosen to work on especially sensitive projects.

Security and Confidentiality

  • Data encryption with automatic redaction of sensitive information in the original confidential texts before they are sent for translation.
  • Automatic assembly of translated text, with
  • Consecutive editing and proofreading ability by client employees with appropriate clearance.
  • Two-circuit document system
    • the internal circuit is available only within the client LAN or VPN and is designed for working with confidential texts;
    • the external circuit receives only non-confidential or redacted texts.
  • Audit trail that includes both history and statistics of document usage and access;
  • secure https and VPN protocols;
  • system user authentication;
  • client-approved distribution of user access rights;
  • separate and secure data storage for each client;
  • three-tier physical server room protection;
  • power supply backup;
  • channel redundancy;
  • data backup; and
  • SLA.