Quality Assurance

There are hundreds of companies and thousands of
individuals that do translation. But they are not

The Difference

What makes us different is quality and the lengths to which we go to ensure exceptional quality in every project we do, no matter the size or complexity.

Our 7,000 translators live around the world and speak more than 80 languages. But that isn't enough to become an ALS translator. In addition to an excellent command of their native language, candidates must also have a strong understanding of at least one specific industry, including terminology and technology.

But talented people are only part of the story.

Addressing the Present:

Our Process. We use a three step quality process that combines translation talent with our highly skilled editors, who make sure that translation terminology and style are correct, and then use native-speaking proofreaders to eliminate any inaccuracies and fine-tune the whole document.

Addressing the Future:

Our Glossary. While our quality process addresses your immediate concerns, our glossary avoids the future ones.

We understand that terms and descriptions differ from company to company, even when they are in the same industry, with similar products and compete in the same markets. We also understand the importance of using historic terms in the same way in current and future writing.

To ensure continuity, we start every project by studying your documentation in detail, compiling a project glossary and having you approve it. The approved glossary is used by anyone working on the project and a copy is given to you when the project is complete. The glossary also ensures continuity and correct evolution in future projects.

ALS quality ensures your peace of mind when it comes to linguistic accuracy.

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