On the Road: SmartCAT localization platform at Collision Conf

On May 5 and 6, the Collision conference was held in Las Vegas, USA. Participants included both tech titans (Facebook, Google, Tesla Motors and many others) and startups (BitTorrent, Slack, GitHub, Uber and more). Billed as a “grand conclave of tech’s high priests,” Collision hosted discussions spanning the intersection of technology and business.

Collision attendees learned about the SmartCAT platform for automation-assisted translation, developed by ALS. Jeni Mayorskaya, SmartCAT Product Director, showcased how the platform simplifies the process of expanding into new global markets. More than 30,000 translators, working in 1,000 language pairs, have already signed up on the SmartCAT website.

Attendance at this year's Collision Conf was strong, with 7,500 visitors from 89 countries and 1,000 startups.