Global Localization Market in the Spotlight at Localization World in Silicon Valley

Localization World, an international conference for the translation and localization industry, was held in Silicon Valley on 9 through 11 October . The conference was held in Santa Clara, California, just a 15-minute drive away from the U.S. office of ALS. It was the third Localization World event this year, following conferences in Singapore (10–12 April) and London (12–14 June).

The event was attended by translation industry leaders, language services providers, developers of translation and localization technology solutions, international experts, and other professionals from the industry. ALS was represented by Ivan Smolnikov, CEO, and Alfiya Timorshina, Business Development Director of North America. The company’s active presence included a joint solution developed by ALS and Asia Online, where both partners presented the advantages of ALS SmartCAT, combining the ALS OCR and machine translation within a single cloud platform to automate translation workflow.


An integrated solution for automated document recognition, translation, and editing: one tool that solves many tasks

Presentations at Localization World covered a range of subjects related to the impact that translation and localization have on business development and sustainable growth within the new markets. Many sessions addressed the best practices in integration of machine translation (MT). Experts pointed out the popularity growth of MT systems in professional deployment, outlined usage scenarios, methods of productivity gain measurements and cost savings solutions.

In addition, industry players shared their experience on how to ensure proper performance assessment and quality control as technologies continue to evolve and tools become more sophisticated. They have also discussed quality assurance for projects localized into several languages simultaneously.

Continuous localization, once just an important industry trend, is now regarded as a requirement by many companies, who are integrating translation processes into content management systems and other client platforms, making translation more automatic. More and more companies are opting for advanced cloud solutions.

LocWorld participants also focused on creation of convenient and easy-to-comprehend tools for translators. Advances in this area are driven not only by the technological growth, but also by the ever-growing need and important role of crowdsourcing in the translation process.

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