Cloud-based technologies from ALS power Coursera translations

On November 13, the Digital October Center will hold a televised Q&A session with a member of the Coursera team. Eli Bildner, who is responsible for recruiting educational partners and organizing the translation of selected videos into the native languages of a diverse global target audience, will share his experience from the first months of content translation for the most popular site for free online education.

ALS and Digital October will talk about a special web platform for translation, which makes volunteers’ work convenient and interesting and streamlines their work for greater efficiency. The platform is now undergoing private beta testing; the first project participants are already translating video lectures recorded at the best universities all over the world into Russian.

Eli Bildner will share:

  • Which approaches to translation management have already been tested and how they have worked in different countries
  • Why Coursera chose to work with local partners
  • What impact Coursera translation projects have already had on growth among users who do not know English well or who do not speak it at all

The event will be held at the Digital October Center (admission is free).

The audience will be the first to see the Coursera crowdsourcing translation platform in action, which has been developed in Russia by ALS. Those wishing to contribute to translation of the world’s best educational courses into Russian will be able to do so using this solution.

Any Coursera user can translate lectures they are interested in and vote for the translations they like best. Every action in the system affects the user’s rating, so users can see their achievements in real time. When translation of an entire course is finished, Russian subtitles appear in the relevant section on the Coursera website.

The platform is now undergoing invitation-only private beta testing. If you want to be part of the testing, please apply here. Invitations will be sent out over the next two months. The first users of the closed platform are currently making good progress in translating three courses on language technologies, leadership, and cinema history. More courses will appear soon, with the public launch of the platform scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.