ALS deciphers ancient runes of Angel Stone

ALS has completed the English>Russian translation of Angel Stone, a cross-platform game from leading South Korean developer Fincon Co., Ltd. The game is available on Facebook, iOS and Android, with single-account sign-in across all three platforms.

Angel Stone takes the traditional action role-playing game, or ARPG, genre to a whole new level. These games provide immersive experiences thanks to exquisite atmosphere, style, and setting.

One of the key components of this immersion is “transcreation” – the process of taking phrases, jokes, and cultural references from one language and rendering them in another language. Simply translating game content word-for-word is not enough. The resulting text must be natural and pitch-perfect, as if it were originally written in the translation language. So to transcreate the Angel Stone atmosphere, ALS specialists crafted equivalents aimed at Russian-speaking users.

During the localization process, the ALS team overcame a number of hurdles, such as lack of context and a need to incorporate variables in strings (the string/variable structure in the code did not always fit Russian grammar and syntax). Elaborate transformations of the text were necessary to properly convey the developer's vision in a new language.

In total, the equivalent of over 70 pages of text were translated to make the Russian version a success. Thanks to the translators' enthusiasm, many potential localization issues were identified even before the QA stage.

The Asian gaming market is booming: according to SUPERDATA research, online gaming in Asia is worth over USD 20 billion annually and continues to grow.

ALS and Fincon plan to continue their partnership with new projects and language combinations in the near future.

Fincon Co., Ltd is a leading South Korean developer of online games. Founded in 2012, the company is dedicated to delivering world-leading mobile game experiences.