ALS on new cloud-based solutions at European TCWorld conference

The TCWorld Annual Conference, the largest technical communication event in Europe, was recently held from November 6 to 8 in Germany. The conference was attended by companies active in linguistic services and technologies, development of content creation systems, electronic document management systems, and other information management technologies.

The conference speakers described the ins and outs of content creation for companies with a multimarket presence. Discussions covered a wide range of topics, such as multilanguage content strategies, information management in a globalized world, linguistic technologies, and innovative software for streamlined management of texts written in different languages.

As many experts have repeatedly shown, the growing volume of technical information all over the world (website content, manuals, product descriptions, application interfaces, etc.) requires up-to-date tools and fresh approaches to management, translation, and localization.

ALS was represented at the TCWorld conference by Anton Voronov, Director for Innovations, and Anna Rubina, Business Development Manager. Our colleagues made a presentation and took part in the exhibition, where they showcased ALS innovative solutions and engaged in dialog with the professional community.


Anton Voronov at the TCWorld conference

Anton Voronov spoke about integration of machine translation (MT) systems into the translation process and how to leverage MT for the best results. He told the audience about recent research by the company: for two months, our experts followed five different MT systems (including our proprietary system) and how these systems handle texts in different subject areas. The experiment produced valuable results on the relationship between quality and productivity, and how to reach the “sweet spot” between the two.

Anton also presented a new solution, SmartCAT, to the European professional audience for the first time. The solution is a cloud-based CAT tool for managing terminology, hooking into MT systems, and automatically monitoring project quality. Anton explained why ALS is developing its own cloud-based CAT tool. Many of the conference participants took an interest in the product, which is currently undergoing private beta testing. To get access to SmartCAT, apply here.


Anton Voronov and Anna Rubina at the ALS booth at TCWorld

Experts at TCWorld focused on easy-to-use content management tools and issues related to translation automation, with particular attention paid to terminology management. This area is of enormous interest for many companies seeking to increase their business on a number of markets simultaneously. Anton zeroed in on this in his presentation, highlighting the importance of consistent termbases for automation of translation and localization, including successful MT deployment. In addition, at its booth ALS demonstrated Lingvo.Pro, a corporate terminology management solution released for beta testing in September. The solution attracted the interest of industry experts: with so many companies trying to automate termbase creation and spend less time editing and post-editing texts, automated termbase creation is one of the top priorities for investment.

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