Machine translation with post-editing

Benefitting from machine translation

  • Immediate insight into texts in foreign languages regardless of volume and format
  • Professional post-editing: manage the quality of automated translation depending on your requirements
  • Translation delivery time and cost reduction of 30-50%


Our approach to machine translation

  • MT solutions customized for particular company or industry
  • MT post-editing services at a competitive rate
  • Adjustable delivery models: from SaaS to on-premise
  • Integration of automated translation into corporate content management systems and workflows
  • Confidential translations

Delivering efficient MT solutions

Our expertise includes working with three types of machine translation systems:

  • Statistical (SMT) engines analyze the source language based on existing lexical resources, such as good quality translation memories and terminology databases, to select the most appropriate translations in the target language. Providing high quality data is paramount to ensure desired MT output.
  • Rule-based (RBMT) engines analyze grammar in each segment and then invoke specific rules to derive target from source for a given language pair. These engines also analyze syntactic structure of the source sentence trying to adapt it to common target language patterns.
  • Model-based (MBMT) engine that uses full semantic and syntactic analysis of source text prior to translation. It transforms strings of characters into data that “makes sense” to a computer and then generates the translation based on the meaning of the source text.

We go several steps further by combining controlled language, translation memory and MT systems all of which are enhanced by ALS's own semantic, morphological and lexical analysis tools. This customization based on individual client's data ensures maximum quality of the output before it is sent to post-editing.

Specific scenario (raw or post-edited MT) is always up to the client. In any case our job is to deliver MT solution that saves both time and money… and keeps operational overhead low!

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