Our individualized approach and innovative technology help
cut costs and ensure quality translations.

Our services are designed for your convenience, and provide you with a competitive edge.

  • Your personal manager is ready to work out the most minute details of each order to ensure the most effective solution to your task.

We use innovative technologies to cut the cost of services:

The Translation Memory utilizes previously translated text segments.
This means that all previous translation segments are stored in the Translation Memory database. All you need to translate are any changes and additions to the text.

Our machine translation service with postediting provides you with top speed and cost reductions for large volumes.
When you combine this process with followup editing and proofreading, then the result is top-notch.

Automated translation management — Order a translation in just one click.
By integrating the translation component in your business processes, you not only achieve the fastest possible updates to your foreign language texts, you also minimize costs without sacrificing quality.