Translation as part of corporate infrastructure

Once integrated into business-critical information systems, translation becomes a coherent part of corporate workflow and can be processed immediately, with minimum operational overhead.

Many companies feel that they should attract and educate their customers and also deliver their message to partners with more accuracy, especially when translataing their material for global markets.

All the content, including localized versions, has to be seamlessly stored and managed in different formats according to complex business rules.

For this purpose ALS developed Translation API which makes interaction with automated translation services easier by integrating translation features directly into content management system of any type.

Multilingual capabilities for your content management system

  • One click translation directly in your ECM/CMS solution
  • Instant estimate of the translation cost including Translation Memory savings
  • Online tracking of order status
  • Single storage of all documents and their translated versions
  • Translated document is returned to its proper location in the system

Seamless translation available straight from:

  • Content and website management systems (CMS)
  • Document management systems (DMS)
  • Enterprise content management solutions (ECM)
  • Software development tools, such as GIT or SVN repositories
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions

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