OPTEC is a Russia-based developer and vendor of innovative solutions and state-of-the-art equipment for science, education, industry, and healthcare. For over 15 years, OPTEC has provided customers in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and CIS countries with optical equipment from world-leading companies such as Carl Zeiss, Bruker, and Thermo Scientific.

Rising to the Linguistic Challenge

Sophisticated equipment requires lots of documentation — on the order of 500 pages per model. In addition, marketing, legal, and other documents have to be carefully translated and adapted to meet local standards. So the question was how to maintain acceptable translation quality, without losing time in a fast-paced market?


OPTEC's highly technical specialty area — optical equipment — was the key criterion when looking for a language service provider. After studying the project portfolios of numerous companies, OPTEC choose ALS for its extensive experience in the medical field (over 5,000 projects completed) and unique skillset in translating equipment documentation.

ALS rapidly put together a team of language professionals, which laid the groundwork for future jobs with the client.

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