Lenovo is a global leader in the PC sector that develops, manufactures and promotes state-of-the-art personal computers, as well as professional services to improve productivity and competitive growth.

Success stories:


Localize marketing material and adapt it for specific target market segments.


We provide a specialized localization service for marketing material, which, in this case, meant an integrated process that adapted Lenovo marketing texts to the local market and specific target audiences.

Text adaptation involves four stages:

  1. The text is translated by a specialist knowledgeable about marketing texts in the specific industry.
  2. The text is then edited by a professional skilled in both the technology and marketing to guarantee that the meaning is conveyed and terminology is used correctly.
  3. The marketing text is finalized by a professional author who adapts it to the local market and the target audience.
  4. The text is read by a proofreader.

Lenovo paid us the highest compliment possible when it decided that marketing materials localized by ALS do not need any additional checking or revision.