Since 2007, iiko has been a major force in developing innovative management systems for companies in the hospitality sphere. iiko specializes in integrating the full range of business processes within an enterprise in real-time mode. Today, iiko has already optimized over 8,000 restaurants.

Tasks and localization features of iiko software products

Breaking into a new market without wasting time requires a well-laid plan for product localization. A crucial challenge in the hospitality sphere is that particular care be taken to ensure that the linguistic and cultural specifics of the target audience be carried over in the translation and localization process. Moreover, the time frame for current projects has been cut, but the budget remains the same.


iiko has turned to ALS for its localization needs. ALS has a decade of experience in SW localization to more than 80 languages of the world.

ABBYY’s impeccable accuracy in its localization processes was a guarantee of top-quality results.

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