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Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a provider of next generation cloud based call center software. Our product, ServicePattern, is a cloud service built from the ground up using cutting edge contact center technology. It is the next generation, high-performance contact center solution. It offers a fusion of voice, web/mobile chat, social media, and skills-based routing within a unified contact center platform with convenient controls to provide efficient and effective customer service and support.

A new approach to the localization challenge

As any global software provider knows, software localization is deceptively difficult. If not organized properly by both the customer and language services provider, the process can derail with substantial cost overheads and delays. That’s why Bright Pattern was looking for a rapid, affordable way to use the latest technologies to localize the company’s cloud-based contact center and customer service management solutions. Together with ALS, they came up with the perfect approach: integrating the translation workflow with the software development management system and source code management system. “Now all the updates in our web interface are detected automatically and sent to the ALS localization team for translation. We were so happy to see our localization partner deliver a state-of-the-art solution that lets us serve our customers at the frenetic pace of business today,” praises Ivan Malyshkin, Business Development Director at Bright Pattern Russia.

Agile perpetual localization – what’s it all about

The integration solution from ALS enables on-the-fly, continual localization of newly generated content, which substantially reduces personnel costs, turnaround time, and risk of human error. Whenever new features are deployed or changes are made, they are immediately found, localized, and returned to the specified place in the repository. This agile, friction-free localization process unlocks new opportunities for companies looking to secure and increase their market share without losing time.

Terminology management

In the case of Bright Pattern, one of the “must-haves” for the project was to ensure consistent use of company-specific terms in ongoing translations. The most effective way to accomplish this is to analyze all text strings in the source code and extract the terms they contain. This glossary is always available to the localization team. So in every new translation delivered through the ALS solution, whether of several pages or just one line – and even if the project is split across multiple translators – each term is translated correctly and consistently., the browser-based terminology management solution from ALS, offers help with two crucial quality assurance tasks: translators and editors can easily consult the terminology database, while automatic checks verify that terms have been correctly implemented. That’s why ALS is the choice for brands concerned about consistent communication with customers all over the world.