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Success stories: 


Complete localization of Ascon’s main software product’s help system and documentation (2500 pages) into both English and German. The project required new screenshots, design and publishing (DTP) to produce a customer-ready manual.


The original materials were highly structured documents in Adobe Framemaker format that included cross-references, indexes and pictures. By using the newest cooperative translation systems and Translation Memory technologies we were able to use our most highly qualified translators even though they had no previous experience with Framemaker. New screenshots were created as the localized translation was done. Additionally, we used the current interface translation of the software product as a project dictionary.

We used a two step process to create the CHM format help system:

  1. The translated materials were exported from Framemaker format to HTML. Because Framemaker didn't allow us to obtain the required HTML structure our engineers wrote a special conversion script.
  2. The CHM help system was compiled from the resulting pages.