About ALS

Facts and Figures

  • offers comprehensive language support to more than 2,500 corporate clients worldwide
  • develops cutting-edge linguistic solutions for translation processes automation
  • has more than 10 years of experience in multilingual software, website and marketing localization
  • localizes into more than 80 languages
  • successfully completed more than 300,000 projects
  • provides a world-class team of directly managed professionals — more than 7,000 people: translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP specialists, researches, developers and test engineers working on client projects on a daily basis

Company Portrait

ALS is a global language technology partner and service provider.

More than 2,500 companies worldwide, including 25 companies in the TOP 100 Global Brands and 35 Fortune 500 companies, rely on us for translation and localization to deliver their businesses to the global market. We focus on translation workflow automation and cutting-edge linguistic solutions to streamline multilingual content maintenance for our clients. The offering for the translation automation includes the cloud-based translation platform SmartCAT, cloud-based terminology management solution, machine translation technologies and enterprise- or domain-specific MT engines, advanced crowdsourcing translation solutions and much more.